Hubbell Water Heaters & The Coast Guard

water heater diagram

Hubbell and the United States Coast Guard have a long history together, stemming back to the 1950’s. But one of our most recent water heater installations stands out from the rest. Hubbell installed multiple marine tankless water heaters on the Bernard C. Webber, the first cutter in the United States Coast Guard Sentinel-class of Fast Response Cutters. Hubbell tankless water heaters were chosen for several reasons, one being the fact that cutters are equipped with very little space to work with. Storage tank type water heaters are not ideal for such applications because they are bulky, heavy and take up a good amount of usable space.

Another reason they chose to go tankless was due to weight. Since the Webber is a fast response vessel, it is top priority that the ship be as fast as possible. By removing bulky storage tanks that hold several gallons of water, they were able to ensure that the ship does not have unnecessary excess weight onboard. Switching to tankless also creates valuable space and provides unlimited hot water to the crew aboard the Webber. Read more about their transition from storage to tankless in our case study!
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