A Fully Removable & Fully Reliable Heat Exchanger

heat exchanger

The heat exchanger/burner that comes standard with our commercial condensing gas water heater is unlike other heat exchangers on the market, and can be purchased separate in order to be combined with another water heating system. This burner is different due to its modular construction, making it fully removable as opposed to being integrated into the vessel like other heat exchangers on the market. This feature allows the burner to be easily serviced and cleaned in the field while it can also be replaced without removing the water heater. Learn more about this heat exchanger and our commercial gas water heater in our Prime (GSE) catalog! http://bit.ly/2o8YiOQ
And look for an update in the near future-we will be increasing the BTU/HR to provide you even more options for your gas fired water heating application!

Heat Exchanger