Do You Have an Emergency? The EMV is Here.

Emergency Safety Water Heater

Did you know?
Each day about 2,000 U.S. workers suffer from a job-related eye injury requiring medical treatment?* There are countless situations where a person may be exposed to hazardous and/or corrosive materials or chemicals, so it is required by the American National Safety Institute that facilities provide at least 15 minutes of continuous tepid water for flushing purposes. Whether it be an emergency safety shower, eyewash station, or a combination of the two, the equipment needs to provide water between 60-100 degrees F in order to adequately rinse areas of the body affected by the hazardous material.
Hubbell Has a Solution
If you need tepid water for your emergency drench system, Hubbell can help. Our commercial tepid water delivery system is specifically designed to provide precise water temperatures for your emergency safety application, including safety showers and face/eyewash stations. We are able to achieve exact tepid water temperatures by installing a factory mounted triple redundant, thermoplastic, pressure balanced mixing valve (standard with every EMV) which meets OSHA and ANSI requirements to provide constant 85 degree water at a wide range of flow rates, depending on the application. The EMV can be configured using electric, gas, steam, or hydronic fuel sources, and is able to provide tepid water even in the event that an accident takes place and there is a loss of electric power. Find out more about what our tepid water delivery system has to offer!
*Sources: Process Magazine

Emergency safety water heater