Get the Hot Sanitizing Rinse Water you Need.


We know you need hot water for your commercial kitchen, so why not make it as easy as possible?
Electric Booster

The Model J electric booster heater will provide you with reliable 180°F sanitizing rinse water for your restaurant or commercial kitchen, making it a worry-free solution. Designed for ease of service, all sensing functions have been consolidated into one probe, which can be replaced without draining the tank. No electrical component needs to be removed to replace parts, setting the model J apart from other brands. Booster
Do you need a gas fired solution? The PT series can help with that. These gas fired boosters are perfect for high temp sanitizing rinse water applications. The PT56 is the industry’s only certified ventless gas booster heater and is designed for use with under counter or door type dishmachines, while The PT125 and PT200 are the industry’s only gas tankless booster heaters designed specifically for use with conveyor or flight type dishmachines. All models also use patented VariFlame technology, which optimizes efficiency and temperature control while minimizing the amount of gas required for use. Point-of-Use
If you’re looking for a plug-and-play solution, the J25 compact point-of-use water heater is what you need. The 2.5 gallon tank is easy to use and install, with features like an electronic temperature controller and digital display that provide accurate, reliable, and energy efficient operation. The rugged stainless steel construction of the J25 ensures you have a long- lasting, trouble-free source for hot water. Ideal for glasswashers, wet bars, restrooms, food carts, in remote locations where space is limited. Point-of-use
Need something even smaller? The Hubbell J1SSA is a 1-gallon compact point-of-use water heater that doesn’t take up valuable floor space and eliminates the need for long pipe runs from a central heater. It’s simple to install and operates with all types of fixtures, without requiring a special faucet aerator or any type of flow restricting device. The J1SSA won’t alter the performance or appearance of a fixture. Electric Tankless
If you’re looking for a compact tankless option, the Model JTX electric tankless booster heater contains high powered heating elements that heat water only when there is demand from the dishmachine. When hot water is needed, a built-in flow sensor measures the exact flow rate and combines this data with temperature readings at the heater’s inlet and outlet. This data is continuously transmitted to the temperature controller, which constantly calculates the precise amount of power (kW) needed to achieve the desired temperature. This makes the JTX an ideal solution if you are looking for a water heater that is both space saving and efficient.
Under-the-sink Heater
The Hubbell JSK sanitizing sink heater fits right under the sink to provide a continuous and consistent supply of sanitizing rinse water for manual warewashing applications, such as 3 or 4 compartment sinks, pot and pan sinks, and bar sinks. Some features of the JSK include a digital display for visual confirmation of setpoint temperature, an energy cut-off for built-in protection against higher than normal water temps, as well as low water cut-off to prevent element burnout. The heater is easy to maintain and is ETL Sanitation NSF listed.
Bain Marie/ Food Rethermalizer
Heating and holding foods at safe serving temperatures is important; you need the right water heater to do the job. The Hubbell JFR is designed to provide continuously circulated hot water to meet safety requirements and prevent cold spots. It can be mounted under a sink and has separate sump and heating compartment drains that allow for easy cleaning and sanitizing. There are also multiple voltage options available, making it an ideal solution for your commercial kitchen application.
If you need hot water in your commercial kitchen or restaurant, we can help you find the water heater that is right for your exact application. Whether you want to save space, provide hot water at the point of use, or strictly need to meet temperature requirements, Hubbell has got you covered.