Hubbell Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day reminds us just how thankful we are for all this planet has to offer! Here at Hubbell, we have been making changes towards becoming a healthier, more active community that focuses on maintaining a balanced lifestyle. We have recently started a garden just outside of our Hubbell building, and anyone that works for Hubbell has the opportunity to work with a coworker to grow fresh produce. From squash and tomatoes to peppers and onions, this Hubbell community garden allows us to grow our own fruits and vegetables while also giving us the opportunity to spend quality time with coworkers as well as quality time in the sun.


While the garden introduces fresh produce into the Hubbell community in a fun, hands-on way, we have gone beyond that. We got chickens. That’s right, chickens. They lay eggs in a coupe that is also located just a few feet away from the Hubbell building. Those who choose to be involved take turns caring for and cleaning after the chickens, bringing home fresh eggs daily, in return. For people who want to know exactly where their eggs are coming from as well as what the chickens are being fed, having this chicken coupe is a convenient way to cater to those food preferences.
With the chicken coop and a growing garden right outside the office, everyone here at Hubbell looks forward to spending some time outdoors. We are actively working towards sustaining a healthy workplace and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of our planet Earth! Happy Earth Day!

Garden Pic