Hug a Heater to Show Some Love

hug a heater

The season of love is upon us! And with so much love in the air, it reminds us what we are thankful for. Loved ones, great memories, and…our water heaters! Think about it; from sea to shore, water heaters affect all aspects of our lives. They are pretty remarkable and often we forget the role they play in our day to day lives.

In schools, at the office, industrial plants, hospitals, and in our own homes they play a vital role in the world around us. We don’t think about it when we go to wash our hands at work or when we use the shower at the gym. Water heaters are involved in countless applications but are often overlooked and forgotten. So show your water heater some love-go give it a HUG in the spirit of Valentine’s Day!
Hug a Heater