Keeping the Environment in Mind

recycle award

On Friday, February 12th, Hubbell received an award from the GMA Garnet Group for participating in the garnet recycling program. What is garnet you may ask? Garnet is a mix of abrasive materials such as rocks and grains, mainly used as an abrasive for cutting and filter media. In the United States, the major industrial uses of garnet in 2012 were waterjet cutting (35%), abrasive blasting media (30%), water filtration granules (20%), and abrasive powders (10%). Hubbell utilizes garnet in our water jet cutter in order to create tank wraps, and designs in steel, aluminum, and other metals used to construct our water heaters.
In 2015, Hubbell kept 40 tons of garnet from going into landfills and public waste disposal facilities. GMA recycles this garnet so it can be used again in other applications, reducing the amount of resources and energy that is used to mine for the garnet and refine it afterwards. The recycling of garnet is an environmentally conscious way to recondition the substance. Doing so ensures that tons of the material won’t make its way into landfills or waterways.