Save Space Where it Matters Most.

Limited space on board

Just because you are working, living, or designing/contracting a small area where you may not be able to fit all of the typical equipment that is used for a project, doesn’t mean you have to give up and deal without.There are ways to save valuable space, without having to say “no” to the equipment that makes life a lot easier. It’s not just apartments, condos, and other residential areas that tend to have limited living or working space, but food carts, offshore platforms, and remote locations are some of the most compact areas, with little room for long piping runs, large machinery, or wasted space.

For many of these applications, it is critical that certain equipment be installed in order to carry out the function of the space. For example, food carts need refrigeration, stoves, sinks, and a source of hot water to provide goods to their customers. Without these appliances, the cart wouldn’t be in operation. Similarly, without a water heater, offshore platforms wouldn’t be able to heat or distribute hot water to remote locations that need it for domestic use.

By using efficient equipment that works within your space limitations, you will find that you are able to get the utilities you need without having to sacrifice valuable space. Water heaters that are installed at the point-of-use are ideal for these areas because they are compact and easy to integrate into your existing piping. They tend to have fast recovery rates and are great for low volume applications such as hand washing.

Do you have a small space and need reliable hot water? Hubbell can help with that. Read our quick white paper about point-of-use heaters that are ideal for small spaces but are also durable and provide trouble-free operation.

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