No Space? No Problem.

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A problem that occurs with many commercial and hi-rise buildings is lack of space for essential water heating equipment and mechanicals

Engineers are constantly faced with limited choices and cumbersome machinery, along with many equipment options, which can force them to use highly valuable and sought after space for this equipment. A solution to this problem is a horizontal water heater, which can be mounted to the ceiling or in areas where there is restricted height or there isn’t enough floor space for a storage tank type water heater.

A horizontal water heater functions in the same way as a typical water heater, but has a few reconfigured parts and hardware in order to securely hang the unit from the ceiling. Horizontal water heaters specifically address the concern of utilization of space by providing efficient installation above a drop ceiling. With integrally welded mounting assemblies, these water heaters are designed for quick and efficient job site installation, without the need for cumbersome and expensive structural platforms. This keeps them safely out of sight and out of the way of valuable floor space. This water heater style requires little clearance, making it a versatile and simple solution to a lack of space.

A hanging water heater can be used for a wide array of applications, including providing hot water for an office building, restaurants, supplying hot water for multiple lavatories or showers in a facility, and other places that have little floor space to spare. It is also a great solution for areas that are undergoing renovations and need as much space as possible for materials and construction.

How can we help? With a Hubbell ceiling hung horizontal water heater, the sway resistant tie rod design simplifies installation, eliminating expensive cumbersome mounting shelves. And because it requires minimal clearance and no floor space whatsoever, it is the perfect solution for end users looking to save valuable floor space. To learn more about our model HSE ceiling hung water heater, please visit