Legionnaire’s Disease And How it Affects You


These days, tepid water (between 60°-100°F) is necessary in places such as hospitals and schools because they utilize emergency safety fixtures such as safety shower and eyewash stations. In order to achieve this specific temperature, the proper water heaters and plumbing must be installed. Although this equipment is critical for these applications, there is also a risk of water becoming stagnant within the pipes and plumbing because the fixtures aren’t used on a daily basis, which would circulate the water.

Stagnant, warm water creates the perfect environment for Legionella bacteria to grow-a bacteria that could lead to someone contracting Legionnaire’s disease. Anyone can contract the disease if exposed to water droplets containing the bacteria. For more information on Legionnaire’s disease as well as water heater system maintenance, please visit: https://www.osha.gov/dts/osta/otm/legionnaires/hotwater.html#maintenance