Why do you need Hubbell’s commercial tankless?


Hubbell’s HX/TX is specifically designed for operation in demanding commercial and industrial applications such as process systemsboiler systems, point-of-use domestic water heating, heat transfer systems and more. If you’re looking for a water heater that will provide precise temperatures and controlled flow rate, the HX/TX is necessary for your application. It comes with a sophisticated temperature controller and digital display interface that processes all flow and temperature data in order to calculate the exact amount of power needed to meet demand. Other brands may incorporate a flow restrictor device within their tankless heater or require that one be installed in the plumbing or fixture itself, as a method for controlling temperature. This is not the case for Hubbell electric tankless water heaters.

Another important feature of the tankless is full heater modulation. Each heating element is switched on/off using a fast acting solid state triac with zero cross over firing control. This switching schema provides full modulation of each heating element, ensuring that the precise amount of heat is added to meet demand. To improve operating efficiency and component longevity, each triac is mounted to a heat sink located on the incoming supply piping so that heat generated by the triac during the switching process is dissipated into the water.

These features make the Hubbell commercial tankless water heater a reliable unit that is ideal for your hot water application. Find out more about our commercial tankless water heater in our video or head to http://www.hubbellheaters.com/model/hxtx/