Hydrastone Cement Lined with Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

custom skid package w heat exchanger

Hubbell custom skid mounted water heating systems utilize plate and frame heat exchangers that are factory piped to our seamless 5/8” thick Hydrastone cement lined storage tanks. With all required valves, pumps and temperature controls provided, this water heater is a complete turnkey package.

Our systems incorporate many heat exchanger frame sizes so a large number of outputs are possible across a wide range of boiler water temperatures and flow rates. Boiler water controls include either 2-way or 3-way modulating control valves with electronic or pneumatic actuators.
These cement lined storage tanks with corrosion resistant, high impact composite jackets that far exceed the latest ASHRAE standards for heat loss, range in size from 80 gallon to 600 gallon for our skid based packaged systems, and are currently available as “engineered to order” so contact your Hubbell representative to place an order. To learn more about our packaged systems please visit http://www.hubbellheaters.com/packaged-systems/custom skid package w heat exchanger