Why Choose Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel resists corrosion longer than most other metals, making it an excellent material for heating and holding hot water, particularly hot deionized water (RO/DI). The elements that make up stainless steel (chromium, nickel, iron, carbon, aluminum) react with the oxygen from water to form a thin, stable film that consists of metal oxides and hydroxides. The presence of this film prevents additional corrosion by acting as a barrier that limits oxygen and water access to the underlying metal surface. The film forms quickly and tightly, reducing the rate of corrosion to very low levels. This means stainless steel is able to resist the aggressive qualities of all types of water(for example, ultrapure water) without breaking down at all because of the chromium oxide barrier that rests on top of the steel.
Hubbell uses stainless steel not just for RO/DI water heaters, but for many of our products, including tankless models and booster heaters. Stainless steel is ideal for countless applications and is able to provide years of reliable, consistent hot water for end users.
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